What’s With the Weather?

 “The world has in recent years experienced a succession of extreme weather events: America has endured a veritable cocktail of hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, floods, droughts, and storms; in 2011 President Obama issued a record 99 major disaster declarations; flooding on an unprecedented scale inundated Thailand, China and Australia; a succession of extremely cold winters have proved costly in both northern and southern hemispheres. And this is only for starters…

This naturally leads to the question “What’s Up With the Weather?”

Our UK presenter, John Meakin, discusses in this podcast various background factors that are thought to be driving today’s climate and weather; humanly produced increases in carbon dioxide, ocean fluctuations, and especially the sun’s activities. Is it a warming world or a cooling world that is now dominating our weather and climate? You may be surprised by the answers, and especially by the intriguing twist in the conclusion that points to a little appreciated biblical perspective on the weather.”