Western Access Through the Arctic!

With the thawing “northeast passage,” sea travel has increased through the Arctic. “Last year 46 ships sailed the route. More than 400 are expected this year.” Some estimate that the trading power of this Arctic passage could rival the Suez Canal—linking trade between Europe and Asia (The Times, September 17, 2013). At the same time, “The Russian Navy is moving to establish a ‘constant presence’ in the region, according to the military. A Soviet air force base is being rebuilt after two decades in mothballs” (ibid.). Russia’s aim is to maintain a “constant presence” in the Arctic and protect its assets. Bible prophecy reveals that near the end of the age, the European Beast power will become a major global trading power (Revelation 13:17). Ultimately, nations of the earth will be made rich through the “abundance of her luxury” (Revelation 18:3). However, this influential trading power will fall after a few years, and merchants of the earth will “weep and lament” over this demise (vv. 8-10). The opening of this northern trade route is occurring at the same time China is looking for a new trade and economic partner. If turmoil in the Middle East continues to grow, China and Russia may find that control of this northeast passage is important to their economic trade with Europe. For more on this developing subject, read our article on “U.S.-China Trade War: Coming Soon?