Trouble in the European Union: A View from Britain

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This week, we welcome to the Heads Up podcast a very special guest, Mr. Rod King, Tomorrow’s World telecast presenter and United Kingdom Regional Editor for the Tomorrow’s World magazine.

Mr. King, Australian by birth, has for several years lived and worked in the U.K., so he brings a unique perspective on recent events in the European Union, and on how they will affect the Eurozone as well as neighboring countries and the United States.

In his comments, Mr. King touches on a number of areas of interest. How is Britain being affected by recent turmoil in the EU? How does Britain view the EU, and in turn how does the EU view Britain? What are Britain’s prospects if it withdraws from, or is excluded from, the EU? And what should observers watch for in the weeks and months ahead?

With his insider outlook and biblical perspective, Mr. King’s comments help us understand why the pace of events is speeding up so fast in Europe, and what Europe’s future might look like.

This week’s podcast: