Three Trends in Global Affairs

How do you separate the news from the noise? This is one of the many challenges of living in the information age. In decades past, the news was a one-hour event where news anchors would describe a handful of the day’s issues and emerging trends in an attempt to keep the viewer well informed. Today’s 24-hour news channels rely on an innate ability to extend a popular story. Once it’s understood that a particular item will attract viewers every detail—relevant or otherwise—every comment and every tweet become breaking news and is dissected ad nauseum. In an age where one can find nearly unlimited analysis on any topic, every topic must be advertised as breaking news and life-changing information. Otherwise, is it really worth your time? Finding the truth amidst the propaganda, misinformation and outright lies has become nearly impossible.

Thursday, May 28, 2020 – 12:15am
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