Japan and China Begin Direct Currency Exchange

June 1 marked an historic event between close trade partners—Japan and China. The two began trading directly in their own currencies, instead of U.S. dollars. Japan is China’s largest trade partner and the two nations are growing closer together. This direct currency exchange will bolster their relationship and could be used by China as a tool to eventually replace the dollar with the yuan, as the world’s reserve currency (Agence France-Presse, May 29, 2012). How does this relate to Bible prophecy? The Bible indicates that at the time of the end, “kings of the east” will come from east of the Euphrates River and devastate a European Beast Power (Daniel 11:44-45; Revelation 16:12-16). This combined army “from the east” will apparently comprise more than 200 million (Revelation 9:13-19). China and Japan are not only eastern economic powerhouses, they also both have growing military capabilities and advanced technology. Whether both nations will be part of this “eastern” power that ultimately invades the Middle East to counter the Beast, remains to be seen. This increasing cooperation and the potential implications are worth watching!