Egypt in Turmoil Again!

After almost two years of “democratic rule,” Egypt is again in turmoil. Last week, the military forced President Mohammed Morsi out of office and installed an interim government (, July 8, 2013). On Monday, 51 people were killed as the military apparently opened fire on a crowd allegedly trying to storm a barracks where Mr. Morsi may have been held. The killings have added fuel to an already raging political fire, with the Muslim Brotherhood now calling for a public uprising (ibid.). Some think a Syrian-type civil war could emerge in Egypt (ibid.). One imam called on God to revenge Himself on General Al-Sissi, the Egyptian military leader, who is himself Muslim, and all anti-Morsi supporters (Deutsche Welle, July 8, 2013). Some analysts believe recent events in Egypt demonstrate that the military is really in power, despite political figureheads (Stratfor, July 3, 2013). Will the situation in Egypt devolve into all-out civil war? Ultimately Egypt will join a regional political and military power that the Bible refers to as the King of the South (Daniel 11:40-43). This Islamic power will challenge, but ultimately be overrun by, the King of the North (the European Beast power). Thus, Egypt will temporarily emerge from its current turmoil to fulfill these ancient prophecies. For more information on the fate of Egypt and other Middle Eastern nations, be sure to view our Tomorrow’s World program on “World War in the Middle East!