Doubts Growing Over EU Membership

Europe’s top trade unionist, Ms. Bernadette Segol, recently stated, “Rising unemployment, bleak economic prospects and continued austerity is making people question the benefits of the EU” (EU Observer, March 14, 2013). Speaking about the negative impacts of austerity measures, Ms. Segol also said “doubts about the benefits of the European Union is showing more and more” (ibid.). Hungary is rapidly dismissing EU values of “freedom, democracy, and the rule of law” (Der Spiegel, March 11, 2013). A new German political party, “Alternative for Germany,” plans “to capitalise on a growing resentment about the euro-crisis and what Germans perceive as costly bailouts for profligate southern countries” (EU Observer, March 12, 2013). Not only is the party against the euro, it is also “for” a return to the Deutsche Mark (ibid.). A recent Gramercy Capital Corporation survey showed that currently 65 percent of Germans support the euro, while 35 percent support a return to the D-Mark. The “Alternative” party recognizes, “There is a schism in Europe, a divergence not convergence” (ibid.). Bible prophecy reveals that an end-time Beast power will arise in Europe that will consist of ten kingdoms or nations (Daniel 2:40-43; Revelation 17:7-13), not the current 27 that are part of the EU. It is worth noting that some are calling for fiscally irresponsible nations to leave the EU, and some nations are looking to exit. It appears that something will cause the current 27 nations to shrink to 10. Bible prophecies reveal that the final European Beast will be smaller and more powerful than the current, faltering EU structure. For more information on this timely subject, see our booklet, The Beast of Revelation.