Circumventing Disease Man’s Way

Britain may allow a controversial technique to create babies using DNA from a mother, father, and a donor” in order to help prevent the spread of rare genetic diseases (Associated Press, June 28, 2013; Telegraph, June 28, 2013). Millennia ago, God promised to protect His people from diseases if they would choose to obey His laws and statutes (Exodus 15:26; 23:25). Good health is a reward God will give for obedience to His laws. Yet, today, science is trying to bypass God’s laws and prevent disease and disability by genetic manipulation. This allows people to continue breaking God’s laws without any consequences. With scientific advancements, not only are people left with the belief that they do not need God’s laws to “prevent” sickness and disease, but they are also be left with the attitude, “who needs God as a healer?” Although science may discover how to reduce physical disease and disability through genetic manipulation, human choices are destroying society through decadence, selfishness, and greed—as Adam and Eve chose to follow their own way nearly 6,000 years ago. For more on this important topic, be sure to view our telecast entitled “God Heals.”—Scott Winnail, Deborah Lincoln-Strange, Justin Ridgeway, Annette Wright, Ron Ramsingh, Sue Bennett