Charlotte Announcements – 11 May 2013

Greetings from Charlotte,

We have just finished a very encouraging Council of Elders meeting here in Charlotte. Mr. Meredith guided the three-day meeting which focused on addressing the challenge of preaching the Gospel in a world that is increasingly moving away from God and His way of life. In spite of rumors that some uninformed critics like to spread, we have a strong sense of unity and purpose among the members of the Council. Responses to the Tomorrow’s World television program continue in the 5,000 range. Next Monday we will hold another graduation here in Charlotte for 14 Living University students who have completed their programs. We are also looking ahead to Pentecost next weekend. Mr. Mario Hernandez will give Tomorrow’s World presentations in Guadeloupe and Martinique and be in Martinique for the Holy Day. Mr. Rod McNair and Dr. Wil Pierre will also be in the Caribbean for the Holy Day. Others from Charlotte will also be travelling out to spend the Pentecost weekend with other congregations. Please pray that God will bless these efforts to serve God’s people, and that God will hear our prayers on behalf of His people.—DSW

Church Administration

New Radio Station in Medellín, Colombia

I am happy to announce that beginning last Sabbath, May 4, we began airing the Tomorrow’s World television program in Spanish in Medellín, Colombia. The program is shown on channel CNC, Saturdays at 10:00 a.m. and Sundays at 11:00 a.m., local Medellín time. It is also streamed online on the channel’s Web site. CNC serves 60 percent of Medellín. The program is dubbed into Spanish by Mr. Gabriel Bais and we thank him sincerely for his collaboration. We request your prayers for this new effort to preach the Gospel to the nations, that it may be pleasing in God’s sight and for His blessing.—Armando Orrego

Philippine Report—March 18-April 6

Australasian Regional Director Bruce Tyler, Philippines Area Pastor Dayrell Tanner and his wife Jeanette, and New Zealand Area Pastor Kinnear Penman and his wife Carolyn travelled to the Philippines during March and April.

Mr. and Mrs. Penman and my wife and I arrived in Manila on Monday, March 18, a week or so before Mr. Tyler arrived. We embarked on a quick overview visit to the southern island of Mindanao and spent time with elders Gideon Benitez, Freddie Benitez and Felipe Casing. From there we travelled to Malaybalay, which is the 2013 Feast site for all the Mindanao brethren. (The other Feast site this year in the Philippines is Baguio City, in northern Luzon.)  We visited a lady in her 90s who had recently fallen and hurt her hip and some other brethren. We were overwhelmed by the brethren’s warm reception and, despite the language barrier, we were able to communicate our thanks for their hospitality. We then travelled across the island through some breathtaking scenery to Davao and we returned to Manila on Friday, March 22. The Penmans visited some of the areas in Manila where the brethren live. Manila has a thriving “industry”—which is called “stealing.” Hence many homes and estates are surrounded by high walls with broken glass embedded at the top, or barbed wire, to keep intruders out. Estates and even some residential streets have gated access with security guards on duty 24/7.

Mr. Tanner and Mr. Penman shared speaking responsibilities at the Festival services. On the Night to be Much Observed, nearly all the local brethren, 96 in total, went to Mr. Osillos’ home for the evening. Tables were set up both inside and outside the house to accommodate such a large gathering. The food was prepared by diligent brethren and everyone was able to enjoy the night celebrating our spiritual exodus from modern Egypt and Babylon.

On Wednesday after the First Holy Day, we travelled to Bataan.  There will be a Youth Camp there this summer.  On our return we followed the infamous Bataan Death March Route, which is marked every mile by a roadside monument dedicated to the American and Philippine soldiers who died.  It was a sober reminder of the horrors and futility of war.

The Penmans returned to New Zealand the next day to host Mr. Dexter Wakefield, and Mr. Tyler arrived in Manila from Australia on Friday evening, March 29. The Tanners and Mr. Tyler spent the Sabbath and the Last Day of Unleavened Bread with the Manila brethren. Mr. Tyler and Mr. Tanner shared the speaking assignments. It was a treat for the Manila brethren to witness the ordinations of Mr. Jun Cuares as a deacon and Mrs. Julieta Gonzales as a deaconess.

Early on Tuesday, April 2, Messrs. Gideon Benitez, Freddie Benitez, and Felipe Casing came from Mindanao to Manila for two-and-a-half days of ministerial meetings that were held at our accommodation in central Manila. Also present were Manila elders Mr. Basilio Osillos, Mr. Jes Puzon and his wife, Melissa, and deacons Tito de la Cruz and Jun Cuares. Various topics of instruction were covered by Mr. Tyler and Mr. Tanner and there were discussions about the organization of the Feast of Tabernacles for 2013. Many questions asked by the Philippine ministers were comprehensively answered by Mr. Tyler. All present were very much edified and returned home eager to pass the instruction on to the brethren.

Mr. Tyler returned home to Australia on Thursday afternoon, and the Tanners departed after services on the Sabbath of April 6. Our love for the Filipino brethren grows with every visit. We look forward to the time when we will all be working together under Jesus Christ to bring about the transformation of this entire world under the rulership of our soon-coming King and Saviour, Jesus Christ.—Dayrell Tanner

Visit to Johor Baru and Singapore

On the Sabbath of March 9, I visited the congregation in Johor Baru, accompanied by several members from the Kuala Lumpur congregation. We arrived at 10:00 a.m. and had a morning service with 16 members and children. I spoke about “The Meaning of the Passover.” After services, we had lunch together and talked about Feast preparations. That evening, a member from Singapore crossed the border to Johor Baru to meet us and invited us to visit his mother and his home in Singapore. The next day (Sunday) we travelled to Singapore by car and visited his 89-year-old mother in a nursing home and his apartment in a tall residential complex. We went up to the top floor to view the beautiful city and had lunch together and left Singapore in the evening, reaching Kuala Lumpur at midnight. It was a very profitable trip.—Rajan Moses

Visit to India

I left Kuala Lumpur for Kolkata on April 10. After a good night’s rest, I spent the next afternoon with members there and updated them with news of the Work. On Friday, April 12, I flew from Kolkata to Imphal.  I joined brethren for dinner at a member’s home. We discussed many things and had good fellowship. On the Sabbath, we had the morning service at a Youth Hostel that had been rented for three days. There were 41 present. I spoke for more than two hours about “Why Were You Born?,” explaining the meaning and purpose of life. The brethren were very inspired and encouraged to understand more of God’s Truth. Later, I counseled five prospective members for baptism. I had counseled them eight months ago and this time all of them were ready.

On Sunday morning, the baptisms took place at the back of a member’s home, where a water tank had been built for baptisms. After lunch I gave a Bible Study on “Satan the Devil and his Devices.” The members were very excited about the Truth being expounded clearly to them. There were about 35 in attendance. We also had a Bible Quiz on the Old and New Testaments. It was very exciting and all the members seemed to enjoy themselves.

On Monday, there was a curfew because the President of India was visiting Imphal, but religious activities, marriages and other functions were allowed. Late in the morning, all the brethren came for the Bible Study and I spoke on “Who and What God Is” and “The God of the Old Testament.” We had a wonderful lunch and fellowship and some members talked about how they were called by God into the Truth. A few old timers spoke about how God called them from Hinduism and finally to the true Church of God. There are now 31 baptized members in India. On Tuesday morning, I left Imphal for Kolkata and from Kolkata I flew back home to Kuala Lumpur and arrived at midnight.—Rajan Moses

Carolina Singles Weekend 2013Registration Deadline—Please Announce

We are excited about the upcoming Singles Weekend here in Charlotte! If you would like to join us, there is still time to register but it is getting short. Our registration deadline is May 19! You can register on our Charlotte congregation page, (not an official Church Web site), as well as see the full schedule. The dates are Friday, May 24 to Monday, May 27. We will be having lots of wonderful messages, exciting activities, great fellowship and delicious food.  There will be a Question and Answer session with Mr. Richard Ames. If you would like to submit a question for this Q&A session, please e-mail it to Darren Brinson at Darren.Brinson@hotmail.comAnd if you have any questions about the weekend, feel free to contact Darren Brinson at that address. We hope to see y’all there!—Darren Brinson

Rocky Mountain Saratoga Family Weekend—June 14-16—Repeat Announcement

Greetings, everyone! Please put these dates on your calendar for June 14-16. It’s the annual Rocky Mountain Saratoga Family Weekend! It will again be held at the Riviera Lodge, 104 E. Saratoga Ave., Saratoga, Wyoming. Reservations can be placed by calling the Lodge at 866-326-5651 or 307-326-5651. Mention that you are with the Living Church of God reservation under Ben Whitfield’s name. Book your room now before the summer reservations come in. For those hearty souls who may be interested, there is camping for a nominal fee at the Saratoga Lake just a short distance from the Riviera Lodge… the fishing should be great!

This year’s special guest speaker will be Mr. Rodger Bardo, long-time Church Pastor from the Southwest United States. You won’t want to miss his special presentations. A Bible Study Friday at 7:30 p.m. will start the weekend, Sabbath brunch at 10:00 a.m., Sabbath services at 2:30 p.m., a covered-dish meal and steak cookout afterwards, Saturday evening seminar, Sunday morning breakfast followed by a workshop… then good old family recreational time on your own for the remainder of Sunday. Lunch at Alan and Sarah Williams’ home will wrap up the weekend.—Ben Whitfield

Living Youth Programs

No Online Teen Bible Study on May 17

There will be no Bible Study on May 17, the Friday evening of Pentecost weekend. The next online Teen Bible Study is scheduled for Friday evening, May 24. Archives of previous Living Youth Bible Studies, including last evening’s on “Just What Do You Mean—Born Again?,” can be found on the Living Youth Web site.—Josh Penman

Texas Pre-Teen Camp Is Full!

Thanks to the tremendous enthusiasm for the Texas Pre-Teen Camp, we have now reached capacity for campers (even after adding a third dorm each for boys and girls)! Any further camper applications will be put on a waiting list in case any openings occur. We look forward to a great experience for everyone involved in this year’s camp!—Phil Sena

West Virginia Family/Pre-Teen Camp—July 28-August 2—Repeat Announcement

Registration is open for the West Virginia Family/Pre-Teen Camp to be held at the beautiful Glenwood Recreational Park and 4-H Camp in Princeton, West Virginia. The grounds encompass 325 acres including a 55-acre lake. Camp is open to families with one or more children between the ages of 8 and 13. While the activities are geared to the pre-teens, a significant effort has been made to include parents and younger children in the program. Most of the campers are accompanied by their families or a designated adult. Activities include Christian Living, Archery, Canoeing, Life Lessons, Music/Guitar, Sports and Team Building. You may register online at If you need a hard copy of the application, you may request one from Jenny Penman at For further questions, contact Mr. Paul Shumway, the Camp Director, at 304-425-0025, or

Missouri Pre-Teen Camp Reminder!—Repeat Announcement

We need anyone who wants to come to the Missouri Pre-Teen Camp this year to apply as soon as possible!

We will begin sending approval notices soon and apologize for the delay to those who have completed their applications.  Counting applicants, we are almost at our limit for pre-teen girls, with a little more room for pre-teen boys.  We have a need for able staff members to fill counselor positions and many other support capacities, and, as always, parents are invited to apply and work on our staff so they can enjoy camp right alongside their kiddos!  If you’ve been waiting to apply, wait no longerplease apply ASAP!

Camp is a little later than usual this year, running from Sunday, July 7, through Friday, July 12, but it will be here before you know it.  Please head out to and complete an application as soon as possible if you would like to come.  If you have any questions, please contact the Missouri Camp Director, Mr. Wallace Smith, at 816-308-0875 or

Youth Fund—Please Announce—Repeat Announcement

The Living Church of God is striving to have the best summer camps possible!  We seek to have excellent programs offering a variety of exciting and challenging activities at all of our camps.  It is our goal to keep the cost of tuition low enough that our young people can afford to attend, and to offer scholarships to deserving young people. The Living Church of God has allotted some resources to help make this possible.  However, in our quest to “raise the bar” we would like to purchase additional equipment (i.e. water polo goals, a backstop for softball, some new mattresses, etc.) for the Teen Camp in Ohio, as well as purchase five additional bungalows (small 10ft x 10ft buildings) for staff housing.  We also would like to continue to offer an outstanding Adventure Camp and quality pre-teen camps in Texas, Missouri, and West Virginia.

In order to keep the tuition costs low, we could use your donations.  If you would like to donate to the Youth Fund to offset program costs that are above and beyond the monies we collect for tuition, you can send a check to Living Church of God and designate the check for the “YouthProgram.”  Your donations will be greatly appreciated.  This is considered a charitable donation and you will receive a receipt at the end of the year for tax purposes.—Jerry Ruddlesden and Sheldon Monson

Feast of Tabernacles

Costa Rica Festival Update

We are still accepting festival transfers to Costa Rica. However, due to low registration and scheduling issues, the Festival Office has changed coordinators for this site.  Mr. James Sweat and Mr. George Schaubeck are now assigned to co-coordinate the 2013 Costa Rican Feast site.

While we have had fewer than expected U.S. transfer requests to this charming tropical site, God is still placing His name there!  If your Festival plans are not yet finalized, please consider Costa Rica for your 2013 Feast of Tabernacles destination.

Costa Rica’s exotic tropical setting and ocean views make it an idyllic millennial location where you can enjoy rest and relaxation—or adventure!   The secluded white sandy beachfront location enables you to enjoy beautiful sunsets and refreshing swims in the pristine blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.  All who enjoy the marvels of God’s creation will find Costa Rica a fascinating place.

Flights to Costa Rica are lower than to other tropical destinations and the resort where the Feast is being held offers all-inclusive accommodations and a plethora of exciting activities!  Go to the Festival microsite ( for additional information or contact Mr. James Sweat at 423-822-2970 or e-mail

Registration for 2014 Israel Feast Tour

Registration is now open for the 2014 Feast Tour and it will only be open for a few weeks. If you are interested in going on this trip to the Holy Land, make sure you sign up early. The tour for 2014 will be very similar to the 2013 Feast tour. You can see the information regarding this year’s trip on the Jerusalem, Israel page of the Web site. A more complete and downloadable description, including this year’s costs for the tour, are on the My LCG section of the Web site. If you can afford the time and money to go on this tour of a lifetime, get ready to sign up.—Jim Meredith


Tomorrow’s World Presents: Dr. Meredith Online, June 30!

More than 10,000 people from countries all around the world attended Dr. Meredith’s live, on-line presentation in February and plans are now underway for his follow-up Webcast titled, “Prophecy and the Decline of the Western Nations.”  This live event is scheduled for June 30 at 3:30 p.m. Eastern Time USA.  Please register at, and please join us in praying for another very successful event—that God will bless it so that the Gospel of the Kingdom of God goes out even more powerfully to those whom God will call, and that He will use this effort to call many more co-workers and fellow laborers into the Body of Christ.  Again, the live-stream will begin at 3:30 p.m. Eastern Time, USA on June 30.—Wyatt Ciesielka

April Around the World Video

The April Around the World video is out!  Please click Around the World, or visit the “Church News” section of to view the latest video.  These monthly videos provide an interesting, brief summary from the Church Administration Department and the Regional Directors regarding some of the exciting opportunities, challenges, and doors that God is opening for His Church all around the world!  As mentioned previously, because of the demanding schedules that our Regional Directors have, we may not be able to receive a video from every office every month.  We hope you enjoy this brief video update and we thank you for your prayers of support as we strive to do God’s will in preaching the Gospel and feeding the flock “all around the world.”—Wyatt Ciesielka

Human Resources

Employment Opportunity: TV Production Assistant (Repeat Announcement)

The Headquarters Office is looking for a TV Production Assistant with experience in video editing and TV studio equipment.  The successful candidate will enjoy video production and will have some experience in video editing software (such as Avid or Final Cut).  The right candidate for this position will be a “team player” able to produce results quickly in a fast-paced and deadline-driven environment. This job is in Charlotte, NC.  The Church will pay for reasonable moving expenses.  Applicant must meet the legal requirements to work in the United States, and must be a Living Church of God adherent, in good standing, who is truly dedicated to the Work. If you are interested in this position, please send your résumé, along with a cover letter and a letter of reference from your area pastor, to:  Human Resources Department, Living Church of God, 2301 Crown Centre Drive, Charlotte, NC 28227.  E-mail:; FAX:  704-844-1973.—Wyatt Ciesielka

Employment Opportunity: Secretary/Clerk

The office of Legal Affairs and Risk Management is looking for someone to provide secretarial and clerical support in a busy administrative office. Duties include: research; working with and maintaining files and unique information databases; schedule and/or track events, deadlines, meetings and filings; assist field personnel; track contractual agreements and other documents;   relieve administrator of typical clerical and administrative tasks. The ideal candidate is very organized and detail-oriented, able to work under pressure with moderate supervision, and has good communication skills. Familiarity with standard business concepts, practices, and procedures within a particular field (i.e.: Business Administration, Law, Banking, Insurance, Nonprofit Management, Human Resources or Contract Administration) is helpful. This is a position of trust and involves a high level of confidentially. An ideal applicant has some college and/or equivalent work experience (a minimum high school diploma with 2 years of administrative experience in a field will be considered). Experience as a secretary or clerk would be helpful, but is not required. A more complete job description is available upon request. This job is in Charlotte, NC.  The Church will pay for reasonable moving expenses.  Applicant must meet the legal requirements to work in the United States.

Résumés / CVs may be sent to Human Resources: e-mail, or fax to 704-844-1973.


Are You Teachable? The Scriptures reveal that one of the important qualities of character that God is looking for in Christians and in future leaders in the Kingdom of God is teachability—the desire and willingness to listen and learn. Abraham was teachable and responsive to God’s instructions (Genesis 12:1-4). Moses was a capable leader, yet he was humble and teachable (Numbers 12:3). David reflects this attitude in Psalms 119:33 when he writes, “Teach me, O LORD, the way of Your statutes.” Solomon recognized his human inadequacies when he asked God for wisdom and an “understanding heart” so he could learn to rule wisely (1 Kings 3:9). When Jesus said the “meek” and the “poor in spirit” will be blessed, He was emphasizing the need to be teachable and willing to learn (Matthew 5:3-5). The Scriptures also reveal that when we harden our hearts to God’s instructions, we will reap serious consequences (Proverbs 28:14). As Christians, we are called to reign with Christ in the Kingdom of God, and being teachable is one of the keys to attaining that reward.

Have a profitable Sabbath!
Douglas S. Winnail