America’s Decline

A leading German news magazine recently published a cover article about the sad state of affairs in America (Der Spiegel, November 5, 2012).  This sobering article, entitled “Notes on the Decline of a Great Nation,” cites numerous reasons for America’s decline.  “The United States is frittering away its role as a model for the rest of the world. The political system is plagued by an absurd level of hatred, the economy is stagnating and the infrastructure is falling into a miserable state of disrepair. On this election eve, many Americans are losing faith in their country’s future” (ibid.). The Germany-based writers mention many “signs that America is no longer the great, robust global power it once was” (ibid.). The authors point out that “America has transformed itself into a land of limited opportunities,” while the nation “still refuses to engage in any debate over the reasons for its decline.”  They state further that America “risks losing its way in a changing world” (ibid.). Long ago, God promised Abraham that if he obeyed God’s laws and instructions, his descendants would be blessed and become a blessing to the nations of the earth (Genesis 22:16-18).  This is why the modern Israelite nations have been so incredibly blessed.  However, God warned the Israelites that they would be punished and lose their blessings if they turned away from Him and His laws (Leviticus 26; Deuteronomy 28). In his seventeenth century analysis of Democracy in America, French philosopher and writer Alexis de Tocqueville recognized that the strength of the young American nation was related to the Christian principles that permeated its society. Yet, today, America has forgotten and moved away from those vital fundamental principles. The resulting moral decline lies at the root of its national decline. The real key to America’s future is not monetary policy, political bipartisanship, or changes in foreign policy, but a return to the biblical values that made America great in the first place. Sadly, until and unless that happens, America’s moral slide and national decline will continue. For more information on the future of the former “great powers,” be sure to review our eye-opening booklet, The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy.